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Fritzi Beilschmidt
Fritzi Beilschmidt

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PostSubject: SHIBUTALIA PLOT   Sat Feb 19, 2011 9:10 pm

It all started when Shibusen found themselves with a band of witches requesting for an alliance. When asked to give a reason why, they spoke tales of a witch without an animal theme- Gaia- who had apparently defeated nearly all of them in one attack, including the infamous Medusa. Shibusen at first had denied the witches an alliance, since such was unheard of, but had changed its curriculum to be more training-based and lessen the academics and extra-curriculars.

But then the ambush occurred. It was a weak one considering Gaia's potential. Despite that, there were still many students who have been killed and many more have gone insane. Shibusen immediately creates an alliance with the other witches and the war becomes enveloped in a war without nations. Recruiters were now frantic in their work; trying seeking potential students and neutral meisters/weapons/witches from every corner of the world for they were, after all, dealing with an enemy who could exterminate the population of a small country by using only golems.

Soon, Shibusen had decided to send the Spartoi division to infiltrate enemy lines and kill Gaia or and major members of her army. They have managed in killing Gaia, but unfortunately, only six ever came back to Shibusen: Soul, Kid, Liz, Patti, Black Star, and Kim. The rest never came back and the general consensus is that they're dead.

However, the warfare still continues for three years into the present, but there has been radical change within the school: Death the Kid has now replaced his father (though people still call him Kid,) witches are now admitted into the school so long as they're allied with Shibusen, and the students are now a lot busier with training, training, training.

It looks as if Shibusen will win the war soon, but there are rumors that Gaia has a son, Kronos, who is as strong, if not stronger than his mother.

Shibusen is calling on students to save the world from destruction and insanity. Will you succumb to the forces of insanity? Will you betray your classmates to become neutral in the war or even join the enemy side? Or will you be the savior the world has hope for these last 5 years?

~Welcome to Shibutalia- a Soul Eater/Hetalia Crossover semi-lit RP~
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Fritzi Beilschmidt
Fritzi Beilschmidt

Posts : 61
Join date : 2011-02-17

PostSubject: Re: SHIBUTALIA PLOT   Sat Feb 19, 2011 9:15 pm


April 3, 2010- A group of witches go to Shibusen to ask for an alliance. Their request was denied by the staff, who did not trust their intentions, but decided to alter the curriculum to become more training-based just in case.

July 4-7, 2010- The Gaian Ambush of Death City takes the lives of 1208 civilians, 68 students, 21 staff, and 7 witches. This attack had also weakened the Shinigami immensely.

July 9, 2010- An alliance between Shibusen and the witches are formed and war is declared between this alliance and the Gaian Army, which spreads its front all across the world.

Late July-November 2010- The Shibusen-witch alliance begin a series of experiments in hopes of increasing the compatibility of witches and weapons, or creating a working team of witch, meister, and weapon. Also, recruiting efforts increase by almost 250% for not just students but also independent weapons, meisters, and witches who are neutral in the war thus far.

February 8-14 2011- The first attempt at invading the Gaian headquarters (stationed underground beneath Vatican City) occurs. While there have been a couple high officers who had been killed, this invasion is for the most part a failure. 4,208 civilians are killed- including the Pope- and this causes a war to start between the nations which are not aware of the Great Gaian-Witch War.

February 19, 2011- The first war between European nations occur since the formation of the EU.

October 3, 2011- The EU is dissolved and new alliances are made between different European nations.

January 1-2, 2012- The second Gaian Ambush of Death City occurs- this time there are far less casualties on the Shibusen-witch side: 547 civilians, 41 students, 14 staff, and 6 witches.

January 7, 2012- Shibusen has a big celebration in the attempt to increase morale on their side while frustrating the Gaian Army.

March 24, 2012- Operation ECLIPSE begins- using the Spartoi division to infiltrate enemy lines into the Gaian headquarters instead of staff and former independents. Only six return by the end of the year- the general consensus of the others are that they've died. However, this is a major victory and a turning point in the war for the infamous Gaia, along with 2 of her elite officials are dead.

2013-2015: Warfare continues throughout, but the Shibusen-witch alliance is starting to get at the Gaian Army. Rumors about a son Gaia may have- Kronos- start to arise and unsettle the staff. During this time period, Shinigami passes away and the throne is now passed onto Death the Kid and the war between the European nations stop as they try to build another EU.
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