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 Zheng Mei Chang // Taiwan [WIP]

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Zheng Mei Chang

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PostSubject: Zheng Mei Chang // Taiwan [WIP]   Zheng Mei Chang // Taiwan [WIP] EmptyThu Feb 24, 2011 9:24 pm

We are now Honored to Introduce:
Zheng Mei Chang

[center]Zheng Mei Chang // Taiwan [WIP] 118qhs5

"Don't underestimate me! If you think I'm going to back down now, you've got another thing coming!"

FULL NAME: Zheng Mei Chang (昌正梅)
NICKNAMES: Mei ; Meimei
AGE: 16
GENDER: female
OCCUPATION: Shibusen student - grade 10
WHAT ARE THEY?: (Meister, Weapon, Witch, etc.)
ABILITIES: (any special abilities they may have as a Meister, Weapon, and/or Witch.)

ALLEGIANCE: (Shibusen, the Gaian Army, or Neutral? Explain in a couple sentences in first person.)

"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness."

APPEARANCE: (at least a paragraph; this is more about what the person wears and some special features which may not be shown in the picture.)

♥ Making new friends: Mei is always open to meeting new people. She tries to be as friendly as she can.
♥ Fashion:
♥ Flowers and other pretty things: Mei even has flowers in her hair.
♥ Cute things: She loves cute things, particularly cute animals. One of her favourite animals would be rabbits.
♥ Entertainment: Music, movies, you name it. Anything to keep her from dozing off.
♥ Sweets: Who doesn't like sweets? Mei has a major sweet tooth.

♠ Rude/perverted people
♠ Being insulted/teased/tricked
♠ Boredom
♠ Cold weather
♠ Loneliness

⇒ Failure: Mei strives to be the best there is, and failure is no option. She is scared of failing anything and bringing shame to her name. In other words, she's an overachiever.
⇒ Death: She has to admit, the concept of death is awful. What happens after it? Complete darkness? The thought of her loved ones disappearing forever terrifies her.

At first glance, Mei appears to be an fashionable and outgoing teenager. Though talkative and easily distracted, she is always polite around strangers and is somewhat incapable of hiding her emotions. Friendly and kind, she never judges people until she had gotten to know them and she will even defend complete strangers who are on a losing side of an argument or situation. Mei is a great listener, often giving out bits of advice when she can (but usually she's the one asking for advice).

She has a cheerful demeanour despite her awful habit of constantly worrying over trivial matters. One moment, she'll go along with a crazy plan and the next, she'll start getting nervous and wonder about what could go wrong. Despite her cheerfulness and optimism, Mei does frown just as often as she smiled. She struggles to be positive in certain situations, but she is determined to change that. Otherwise, Mei is a trustworthy, eager to please sort of person. Of course, once people start getting to know her, they can see that there's more to her personality.

Though most people rarely suspect it, Mei is capable of being assertive. She's a stubborn girl who refuses to back down, and will always defend her views and friends even if they're wrong. If she realises that she's wrong, she rarely ever admits it. Mei cares a lot for her friends and family. She holds them close to her heart, and in certain cases, she would prioritise them over herself. It can be hard to believe at first when one sees her interact with her family.

When somebody insults her, Mei won't hesitate to retort. In fact, she can be very straightforward to the point where she doesn't realise how insulting or rude it sounds. Though she may have a lot of faith in people, she definitely knows how to fight back when being threatened. Mei is also a perfectionist. She can't stand sloppy work, and everything has to go just as planned. She is the sort of person who will work slowly and carefully to make sure that everything is done correctly. In fact, if someone were to ask her what she feared the most, failure would be one of her answers. Mei is an overachiever. Thus, her need for perfection and her assertiveness make her appear bossy.

"In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

HISTORY: (at least 2 paragraphs would be nice~)

Quote :
((From Pareidolia LJ ))

It had been a while since Taiwan felt so scared. She had no clue where she was, and she was positive that just a moment ago, she had been sitting in the meeting room and listening to Germany drone on about something. How did she end up here? Maybe she had fallen asleep and was having a bad dream. Taiwan pinched her arm to make sure, but nothing happened. She was still sitting next to the fountain in the middle of some city. It didn't really look like Berlin either. It was then that she noticed the numbers 13288 on her arm. That definitely wasn't there before. She tried to rub the numbers off, but to no avail. It was probably tattooed there, and it reminded Taiwan of the numbers that prisoners sometimes received. The thought didn't comfort her at all and she suddenly wished that she hadn't noticed it.

"Gege? Korea?" She called out, "Japan?"

There was no answer. In fact, she couldn't even sense the presence of another nation. This had never happened before, and Taiwan was becoming even more nervous. Surely this place was in a country. The possibility that there was a landmass without a nation like her was nil, and this alarmed her. No, she had to calm down. Taiwan thought of Japan, and how he would have reacted in a situation like this. Of course, he probably wouldn't panic as much as she did. Instead, he would assess the situation and go around asking people where he was. Then it hit her, there had to be people living here, right? She could ask them for help. Just as she took one final deep breath, she heard the sound of children's laughter. There was something about it that terrified her, as if it was a mocking sort of laughter. She looked around, but there were no children in sight.

"I-it's like a ghost town..." she muttered, unable to stop herself from stuttering. Maybe if she walked around a bit more, she could find some actual people. Taiwan couldn't have been the only one here, right?

"Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?"

OOC Info~
Name/Alias: Emma
Nickname: Waffle
Contact: my_awesome_pants@hotmail.com (I'm rarely on though orz)
Chatango: BubbleTeaQueen
Where'd you find us?: Hetalia LJ Comm <3

Now...who's awesome~?: Fritzi Beilschmidt of course! <3 not as much as me though.
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Zheng Mei Chang // Taiwan [WIP]
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