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 ROSEWOOD; unique anime school rp

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PostSubject: ROSEWOOD; unique anime school rp   ROSEWOOD; unique anime school rp EmptyWed Mar 02, 2011 5:33 pm

ROSEWOOD; unique anime school rp Rosewoodacademy-1

[blockquote]Welcome to the Rosewood Academy, the world's most renowned juvenile detention center, working with experts in child psychology in order to rehabilitate and better educate wayward children.

On the coast of an unknown and unnamed island, separated from society by oceans and forests, lies the Rosewood Academy, a school set up by the government to house, educate, and rehabilitate some of the world's most dangerous 'lost' children. Acting like a boarding school, the well-equipped academy is thought by many to be the perfect place for these delinquents to go, somewhere safe and removed from society, while still granting those attending a good quality of life.

However, the image created in the media is one that is far from the truth. In actuality, the academy is known to be more like a prison. Or, at least that's what the students say.[/blockquote]

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ROSEWOOD; unique anime school rp
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