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 Alfred F. Jones App Complete

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Alfred F Jones

Alfred F Jones

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PostSubject: Alfred F. Jones App Complete   Alfred F. Jones App Complete EmptyWed Apr 27, 2011 3:07 pm

We are now Honored to Introduce:
Alfred F. Jones

Alfred F. Jones App Complete Al_rel11

"The best thing in the world is an adventure! And this is one hell of one!"

FULL NAME: Alfred F. Jones
NICKNAMES: Al, Alfie, Jones
AGE: 17
OCCUPATION: Shibusen Student- 11th Grade
ABILITIES: Alfred has the ability to turn into a double-edged scythe with black handles on the sides. His weapon ability can also allow him to be used as a shield of sorts if someone knows how to wield him. He can turn both his arms into scythes when he is in half-form. His soul is a dark blue.

ALLEGIANCE: “Like I, the hero of Shibusen would ever side with any dark forces! You gotta be crazy to think that dude! All evildoers need to watch out! Cuz here comes your worst enemy!”

"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness."

APPEARANCE: Alfred is a rather averaged-sized young male standing at 5’9 with a not-too muscular yet not-too skinny build to him. His hair is wild and honey blond, but not too wild and can be tamed when he needs to do so, save for one strand of hair that seems to defy all known physics and never sits flat on his head. His eyes are like two orbs plucked from the skies for him to see through, only blocked lightly by a pair of glasses that sit neatly on his face. Alfred loves to wear comfortable clothes; hence his normal wear is usually some white shirt and jeans. However, Alfred would never be caught dead without his precious WW2 bomber jacket that has a fuzzy fur collar. It also sports a golden star on the left right where his heart is, a white airplane on his right shoulder, and a ‘50’ on the back. The jacket usually makes him look a bit bulkier than he really is.

✔Jazz (Specifically the Saxophone)
✔America (Who doesn’t!?)
✔Video Games
✔Anything fun and adventurous

✘Being afraid

☠Being alone forever
☠His family forever hating him
☠Being an outcast
☠Not being powerful enough to save someone

✮If he has something interesting to talk about, you will not hear the end of it.
✮He has an odd ability with animals where they warm up to him almost immediately.
✮He always seems to be warm.
✮When sleeping, he subconsciously takes all blankets and makes a cocoon for himself.

PERSONALITY: Categorizing Alfred as childish would be a good place to start. He’s the type of person you know will never grow up fully. He’s immature, but means well in what he does. Alfred loves the entire idea of no work and all play, especially when it comes to homework, studying, or tests of any kind. But Alfred is far from lazy when it involves things he loves.
Fighting evil is one thing he enjoys the most and is always ready to do. He may falter in a fight, but he refuses to give up. He is a stubborn boy that will never give up even if the situation is utterly hopeless. Alfred firmly believes if you work hard at something you can do anything, and he has a dream to be the greatest Death Scythe ever and to rid the world of evil to give everyone a happy ending. There are different sides of Alfred that some would not expect.
He’s easily hurt despite his huge ego and has a tendency to become a bit depressed. Ever the optimist though, you can never keep him down for long. He loves fast-food and just about anything ‘American’. Because of Alfred’s past, he’s obsessed with freedom and the outdoors. He can never sit still for long, and seems to have a touch of ADHD. He can read the atmosphere, but finds it to complicate things, so he does not, leading to many awkward situations when he let things go right over his head.

"In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

HISTORY: Alfred’s history is not long, but it is rather sad. He was born of a rich mother named Sandra Williams who had an affair with young rouge, Daniel Jones. His mother, after finding she was pregnant, could not bear to tell her husband the truth or give Alfred up. By then, Daniel had left and was not coming back. When Alfred was born his mother’s husband, Jacob Williams, immediately suspected something. Alfred’s eyes were blue, unlike his own green eyes and Sandra’s brown. Still, he was accepted in his beginning few years of life.
At the age of three Jacob learned the truth of Alfred’s birth when he found that he was a weapon, this, along with Sandra finally confessing to how Alfred was born. After that, Alfred was disowned and considered not a part of the Williams family. For most of his life he was kept as a shut-in by his mother as he was considered a stain on his father and the family name. It was not until he was seven that he was enrolled in Shibusen and he has not seen his family since then. Alfred has a bit of hatred to most of his family, save for his half-brother and mother, who insulted him and treated him like trash. But he turned that hate into a drive to prove himself to his family. He wants to become a hero of this world, thinking that will make his step-father respect him and will prove even though he was illegitimate, he deserves to be in the family.
He is known well at Shibusen as the most stubborn of all weapons. He has never been able to be wielded by a meister for too long. His soul waves clash with just about everyone. Alfred’s personality and the way he lives are hard to match. Enough so that for now, until he finds a partner, he even works on his own.

RP SAMPLE: (From an AIM Insane Asylum RP)
Quote :

(From an AIM Insane Asylum RP)
He honestly didn't understand why he was in this stupid place. Well, he understood why he was here, but insisted it was nothing. A bloody hand and broken finger was all it began as. His brother had taken him to the hospital last night. Apparently he was open to infection since the gash on his finger was so large. The question then came as to HOW he got such an injury. The honest answer would be 'I snapped a chess piece in half'. But then they would think he was crazy. A simple lie about hurting himself cutting food was all it took. But that couldn't help the fact that he violently refused treatment to a point where he was dubbed crazy anyway. He had fought tooth and nail against them, remembering calling them aliens and ghosts- those one's in pure white obviously were! He hadn't gotten far in his bolt down the hall until he was taken by security. He could take on three of them, but they had brought five. The boy, Alfred, now was placed in the mental ward of the disgusting-smelling hospital at the very end where the door was re-enforced. That made him feel good about himself. They also left the room he was in no eye for the imagination. White walls, no sheets on the bed, white floor. And that door that stared at him. A small opening slide in the front was all he saw of the outside. Yet he had not seen any doctors since they had sedated him the night before. And that's how he had woken up this morning, hands tied behind him with cloth. Well played hospital, well played. His hand stung like crazy, and he was sure they had put a splint on it from the feeling on his skin.

"Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?"

OOC Info~
Name/Alias: Name's Shelby!
Nickname: Most call me America.
Contact: AIM: APHAlfredJones
Chatango: Othermod
Where'd you find us?: The Hetalia File Archives /stalks XD

Now...who's awesome~?: Fritzi!
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Fritzi Beilschmidt
Fritzi Beilschmidt

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PostSubject: Re: Alfred F. Jones App Complete   Alfred F. Jones App Complete EmptyWed Apr 27, 2011 3:37 pm


Yay an America~ ouo
I find him to be very IC, and I feel so bad for him when I read his history ;; But I like how that ended up becoming a driving force for him rather than something angsty never to be mentioned unless you want him to snap or something.

Like I said before, welcome to the forum, and have fun! \o/
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Alfred F. Jones App Complete
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