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 Matthieu Williams App (complete)

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Matthieu Williams App (complete) Empty
PostSubject: Matthieu Williams App (complete)   Matthieu Williams App (complete) EmptyWed Apr 27, 2011 10:08 pm

We are now Honored to Introduce:
Matthieu Williams

Matthieu Williams App (complete) 2zzsps5

"B-but I'm not invisible... I'll show you I'm not invisible!"

FULL NAME: Matthieu Williams
NICKNAMES: Mattie, Matt
AGE: 16
GENDER: male
OCCUPATION: Shibusen student, grade 11
ABILITIES: Mattie has a unique ability to match his soul wavelength to any sort of weapon, which unfortunately causes him to be overlooked quite frequently. He tends to try to not be so invisible, but it is hard given his quiet nature. He is fairly intelligent, even though he doesn't like being in the spot light.

ALLEGIANCE: My allience is to Shibusen, since I have never truly been anywhere but here. I want to help my fellow students and even if I am overlooked, I am still loyal. I do not like being around witches, though I hold nothing against them. I do prefer to be around fellow students though. Even if I am entirely ignored.

"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness."

APPEARANCE: Mattie is a fairly slender young man, who is often wearing either red colors or violets. He has striking violet/blue eyes and shoulder length reddish-blonde hair. He loves his red hoodie that he seems to never go anywhere without. He has a book bag that he carries with him that's has a Canadian flag on it. He does have a very unique ability to whip a hockey stick out of nowhere if he is enraged to the point of hockey fury. He also has a quick, sharp tongue when angry, able to almost rip the flesh with how sharp it is.

-> Hockey (Both playing and Watching)
-> Reading a good non-fiction book
-> sitting outside and taking in the weather
-> cuddling with a friend
-> Being recognized and seen by others

-> Being utterly left alone and ignored
-> Getting attacked by someone who thinks he's someone else
-> Having his things removed from his room
-> Being called invisible and a ghost
-> Being recognized only to be bullied

-> Losing everyone he cares about because he cannot do anything to help
-> Getting pushed aside and forgotten for someone better

-> Almost always says 'Maple' when startled or scared
-> Often swears and occasionally speaks in french when upset or feeling like it

PERSONALITY: Mattie is a friendly, gentle young man who had never raises his voice in any way. He is very quiet, but does have a little inclination to prank close friends if he was angry or mischevious enough. He is very empathetic to the problems of others and helps as best as he can, offering a listening ear to those who just need to vent. He never lets others know if he has any problems himself, often thinking that it isn't worth it since no-one can really remember him in the first place. He has a slow temper, but when he does get angry, it can be particularly deadly. He has this quirk of being able to dig into any flaws and rip them open if he is angry enough, his sharp tongue quick to rip and tear anyone to shreds.

He is a strong male, even though he doesn't show it, nor likes to show off either. Since he is so easy-going and flexible, he is a fairly good match for a lot of weapons. He can work with any soul, although he does have his preferences. Since he is often seen as invisible, not a lot of people know this about him, so it's mainly kept quiet. He does enjoy spending quiet time outside in any sort of weather, and he can handle the cold fairly well. He isn't often found without a good non-fiction novel to read, enjoying stories of far off places and things that were not so common at Shibusen.

Mattie is a good student, a quick learner and got good grades in certain subjects, some more so than others. He may be sixteen, but being in grade 11 gave him a bit more experience in some things. He still hadn't teamed up with any one to hunt souls, though one day he hopes to be able to. He is wary of witches, and rightly so since they were Shibusen's enemies beforehand. But with this new enemy, he pushed himself to not be so afraid and defensive against the witches that are part of the alliance with Shibusen.

"In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

HISTORY: Mattie was born in Shibusen by two Meisters. He learnt at a young age to hone his ability and to train his soul wave length to match anyone he could. Mattie parents were very proud of his ability and gave him affection every time he was able to match other weapons or meisters. His parents left for battle against the new enemy while he was still in school, and never came back. He lived on his own for the rest of his life, finding small jobs to keep him fed and healthy. He soon stumbled across a white polar bear out in the middle of nowhere and took him home, not realizing that the bear had been imbued with an odd ability to talk. Soon he became close friends with the bear and took care of him, the bear being his friend and house mate.

Since Mattie rarely left the house except for work and school, he didn't make many friends and had eventually developed an invisibility to others. It hurt to be so dismissed by the other students, but it was something he had gotten used to. He soon gained good grades, even though the teachers sometimes looked him over. He hadn't been able to pair with anyone to learn how to fight or protect, which sucked for him in the long run. He still hoped to find someone, but he hadn't done so yet. But he was planning on finding a weapon to work with soon.

Quote :

Mattie had his books in his arms, returning a few to the library to hopefully get out a few more. He was very good at returning books on time, and the librarian was one of the few who could actually see him since he frequented there regularly. He kept his head down as he bypassed a few witches, trembling sightly at the feel of their souls. He didn't enjoy it when his ability reached out to others, even though he had trained it and developed it to the point he could mesh with any soul. He was a bit weird as a meister that way, but he was happy the way he was. He quickly popped into the library and dropped off the books.

He was searching through the non-fiction when he bumped into a witch, yelping softly as the books he held were dropped. " O-oh, I-I'm sorry... I-I wasn't w-watching where I-I was g-going." The witch blinked at the sudden appearance of the young man and bit out, " Next time look where you're going. Who are you anyways?" He shifted nervously and murmured, " M-Mattie W-Williams... e-excuse me." He quickly ran off, unaware of the confused look on the witch's face before she forgot about him and went back to looking at books.

"Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?"

OOC Info~
Name/Alias: Sam/Maple
Nickname: Sammi
Contact: skype: sweetiesammy, msn: samhabrun@gmail.com
Chatango: MapleWilliams
Where'd you find us?: LiveJournal

Now...who's awesome~?: Fritzi Beilschmidt
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Matthieu Williams App (complete) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Matthieu Williams App (complete)   Matthieu Williams App (complete) EmptyFri Apr 29, 2011 5:29 pm


Oh Mattie, you quiet boy you~ <3

I like his unique ability of being able to fight with any weapon; it's pretty useful, especially in case of a surprise attack when his normal partner isn't around. Hopefully that ability would make him more noticeable rather than invisible.

Anyway, have fun during your time in Shibutalia~
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Matthieu Williams App (complete)
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