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 Acadia Williams - fem!Canada Application [Complete]

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Acadia Williams

Acadia Williams

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Acadia Williams - fem!Canada Application [Complete] Empty
PostSubject: Acadia Williams - fem!Canada Application [Complete]   Acadia Williams - fem!Canada Application [Complete] EmptyThu Apr 28, 2011 9:20 pm

We are now Honored to Introduce:
Acadia Williams

Acadia Williams - fem!Canada Application [Complete] 13073367_m

" Please cease your actions immediately. It would be wise not to provoke the songbird to sing again."

FULL NAME: Acadia Maguerite Williams
NICKNAMES: Caddie, Meg, Maggie, The Bloody Whirlwind Witch
AGE: Over 200 years old - Appears in her early twenties
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Librarian/Part-time Barista at Deathbucks
Living for a long time, Acadia has gone through many experiences throughout her life. These experiences have made her quite knowledgeable thus making her a top notch tactician. Acadia's animal theme is the bird where she excels in air and wind related magic. Her fighting style is primarily agility based where she uses the elements to her advantage. Originally due to the sway of magic, she was a powerful and malevolent witch who caused much chaos and slaughtered those in her path. However when she had finally perfected and refined her magic, the influence lost it's hold on Acadia who had become passive. This was due to that fact her newly discovered ability to heal was of a non-destructive type.

Although Acadia presently chooses not to fight and keeps her powers concealed under soul protect, she can still reap the same amount of destruction that earned her the nickname, " The Bloody Whirlwind Witch".

ALLEGIANCE: It is true that I work for the institution but it does not mean that I support their beliefs. The only reason I am here is because my family finds justice in this cause. Therefore I hope you understand that, I am neutral and I do not wish to be involved in this war. I will only act if the situation requires me for it.

"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness."

The simplest way to describe and identify Acadia is that she has long wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. Despite her age, she still retains the same look she had in the past. Curly pigtails, red clips and a white beret is something that many can recognize the as the usual style she would wear. On some days she may wear her hair in a pony tail or pin it up in a neat bun but it's only once in a while. During her lethargic days, she keeps her hair untied.

The most distinctive feature of Acadia is the pair of glasses she is always found wearing. Not only does it give a bit of an intelligent air of sort, but it also allows her to see properly. It was a gift from her late sibling which she treasures very much. The other important feature about Acadia is that she is always found carrying her polar bear with her, no questions asked. She claims that it is very important to her.

Compared to other women, Acadia has a slim build being slightly taller than the average female. She would always wear something different from a day to day basis, but oddly enough she would always wear her red maple leaf cardigan on top. Acadia states that to her, the cardigan is the most comforting piece of clothing and likes wearing it since it reminds her of her old home.

  • Reading and Writing
  • Helping others when they're in need
  • Maple leaves
  • Maple Syrup and LOTS of it
  • Kumarie - Her pet Polar Bear and its eyelashes
  • Quiet, Peace and Serenity; It allows her to think clearly
  • Hot Drinks like coffee, tea or hot chocolate (Though she prefers it originate from Tim Hortons)
  • The cold; It reminds her of the place she was born in

  • Fighting of any sort; Hence she stays in the library or in calm places
  • Being called by her old nickname; It brings back bad memories
  • People treating books unfairly
  • Being treated differently because she is a witch
  • Being confronted
  • Being ignored; She doesn't admit it but it bothers her A LOT
  • Being called old or any reference towards it
  • Starbucks - She hates that coffee with a passion (Funny she works at Deathbucks though)

  • Losing people that are important to her
  • Seeing others suffering or hurt
  • Being unable to see her family again
  • Losing control of the influence of the sway of magic and return to her old destructive ways

  • Her eyes have a tendency to change into a shade of violet when she is angry or uses her powers.
  • Once in a blue moon, Acadia would become very lethargic and incorporate French in her speech.
  • Just ask Acadia anything. Seriously anything. She's is essentially a walking encyclopaedia.
  • Do not mention Starbucks around her. She has a distinct hate for that place for reasons that she prefers not to state. If she hears about it, just run before she sends Kumarie after you.

There are many ways to describe Acadia's personality though usually one would just settle down on the words of innocent, gentle and polite. Perhaps a bit too polite at times.

Being born into a middle classed family was quite different in the past compared to the present. Acadia was trained in every aspect in becoming a lady of class and style in order to impress her future husband. Though she remains unmarried as of the present, Acadia still maintains a professional yet warming personality. Due to her status as a witch however, she is sometimes a bit non-confrontal and prefers to stay passive. She likes to watch from afar and go along with the general census regardless of the result. However should her friends and family be in trouble, she would jump into the heat of battle to protect her loved ones.

In her past prior to becoming passive, Acadia was a sadistic and cruel witch. It's something that constantly haunts her where she desperately tries to hide in the back of her mind. She constantly seeks for someone to ease her discomfort and as a result the days she become lethargic in character are due to the piling up of negative emotions in her mind.

On the outside, Acadia maintains her sweet and kind hearted treatment towards others. She is diligent and forgiving in character and dislikes conflicts. Although it might be hard and it rarely ever occurs when she is provoked to anger, Acadia can be quite fearsome. She would not hesitate to attack her opponent verbally or physically to the point where she has picked away at every little minute detail. Luckily, no one has ever seen this side of her and she prefers it that way.

"In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

Acadia was always considered different from the people around her. Some would say that she wasn't a normal child and others would claim that she was special in her own way but the young girl would pay no heed to them.

Acadia was born as the eldest into a small family in the City of York of British North America during into the 1800s. She was thought to be a normal child like any other where she was considered the hope of her family. Acadia was expected to marry a wealthy man and have a happy life like the other girls of her age. Such a simple and pre-empted life did not occur however.

As the girl grew up, she felt that there was something within her that was changing. Sometimes she could smell the scent of the seasons from the wind and understand what the birds of the air we're singing about. Putting them aside as childish imagination, the girl shrugged off these things and continued on with her life. This ordinary lifestyle finally came to a halt when her powers finally manifested themselves. As a result, during the war of 1812 at the Battle of York, the burning of the city was single handedly done by Acadia.

Seeing potential in her power, others of her kind warmly accepted her into the witch community where she continued onto a path of darkness. Wreaking destruction and taking lives were considered no problem for the young Acadia which earned her the nickname as "The Bloody Whirlwind Witch" which she happily encompassed at that time. Her acts made her the prime target for the meisters of Shibusen which nearly costed her life due to her reckless actions. Forced to go in to hiding, Acadia began to hone her skills and further refine her powers for the time when her life would be in danger yet again. Littler did she realize, time passed far quicker than she had imagined and nearly two centuries passed by. During this time, the sway of magic loss its influence on the girl.

What Acadia hoped was powerful enough to rid of her enemies became something that would protect. She had developed her magic into the healing type which overthrew the destructive nature of the negative influence of her powers. The once feared sickle like tornado winds turned into a gentle breeze as she no longer felt the need for could find any reason to harm others. Her destructive nature came to manifest themselves as Acadia's pet polar bear, Kumarie who is quite violent and scary in character despite it's outward docile nature.

Learning from her ways, Acadia left the Witch society and sought to become a new person. However, it was neigh impossible to fit into human society which had changed so much over time. Wandering around, Acadia took upon herself to learn as much as she could for at least the smallest chance that she could try to be human. It was then she had found that there were relatives who would have also gained the ability to become a witch.

In the end, Acadia had found herself entering Death City, Nevada which was a place she would last expect for a person of her status to enter. Becoming a part of the staff, she would wait until the day she would find her relatives. As she had predicted Acadia had found the two children at last, but she could not bring herself to inform them of their lineage but instead watches them from afar.

Nowadays, Acadia is known as the kind librarian who owns a pet polar bear.

Quote :

Pacing down the halls of the DWMA, Acadia had only one destination in mind. It was early in the morning without a single soul in the halls. It was a peace and quiet that she had enjoyed very much but alas it was not long lived as she could hear some of the chatter from the students and staff who were early at the school today. Nonetheless she had arrived at the place she wanted to go. Standing in front of a pair of towering wooden doors, Acadia gingerly shifted the still sleeping Kumarie in her arms as she searched for the key in her book bag.

" Good Morning." Speaking to no one in particular, the girl gave a curt smile as she opened the doors of the library. The scent of the old books and the morning rays peeking into the dimly lit room felt so nostalgic to her. Strolling to the information desk, she placed the bear onto the counter and her book bag away. Rolling up the sleeves of her favourite maple leaf cardigan and quickly surveyed her duties for the day.

With a soft smile Acadia set herself to work again to no one in particular, " Today is quite a wonderful day isn't it?"

"Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?"

OOC Info~
Name/Alias: Cindy or Setsu
Nickname: None that I know of? o_o;;;
Contact: kittykattangel@hotmail.com
Chatango: SetsuSetsu
Where'd you find us?:Hetalia LiveJournal Community~

Now...who's awesome~?:The Amazing Fritzi Beilschmidt is! Very Happy

((I wanted to create a character that wasn't a student so I hope if it's alright with you that I've made her a librarian at school as well as a part-time barista at Deathbucks. I have fun with this application, thank you!))
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Fritzi Beilschmidt
Fritzi Beilschmidt

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Acadia Williams - fem!Canada Application [Complete] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Acadia Williams - fem!Canada Application [Complete]   Acadia Williams - fem!Canada Application [Complete] EmptyFri Apr 29, 2011 5:20 pm


I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this application. It's absolutely fine for Acadia to be something besides a student, in fact, I was hoping that there would be people who would do so. You seem to know the character well, and Acadia feels like a canon character rather than a genderbend with an almost original twist.

Again, welcome to Shibutalia and I hope you have fun here~!
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Acadia Williams - fem!Canada Application [Complete]
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