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 Stein App (Complete)

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PostSubject: Stein App (Complete)   Stein App (Complete) EmptySat Apr 30, 2011 9:29 pm

We are now Honored to Introduce:
Doctor Franken Stein

Stein App (Complete) Soulea10

"I'll dissect you!"

FULL NAME: Franken Stein
NICKNAMES: Stein, Franken
AGE: 27
OCCUPATION: Shibushen Teacher
ABILITIES: Stein is the best Meister to be in the academy. He easily resonates with any soul and can wield any weapon of his choosing. His soul surge ability is quite amazing and he has great control of it, using abilities such as soul thread sutures which he can implant in someone.

ALLEGIANCE: "I would think it's obvious being a teacher and such?"

"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness."

APPEARANCE: Stein has an odd look purely belonging to him and only him. His body is covered with stitches from what is probably previous experiments on himself. His dark undershirt has a stitch pattern design going in stripes to slightly different colored fabrics. His overshirt is a white doctor's labcoat with the same stitch design without the stripes. Threaded stitch pockets are at his sides where he normally keeps any scalpels or cigarettes. Stein wears dark colored pants and brown stitched shoes. His eyes are an olive green, ranging in darkness and lightness usually pertaining to his mood. Normally he's also found with a cigarette in his mouth and a pair of glasses. Stein's hair is a light gray despite his age that reaches to his ears. A large dark gray screw is through his head that he often turns. The doctor's soul is a light blue with a trademark stitch going across it and a bolt similar to the one in his head going into it.

+Scareing students
+Scareing Spirit
+Blood and mostly anything gore

-Not having an answer
-Overwhelming insanity
-Losing someone close
-People dissrupting him
-His expreriments getting away
-Falling off his chair

XLosing his way
XLosing himself
XLosing those he finds have become close to him

*Twists the screw in his head in an attempt to think better
*Often falls out of his rolling chair when entering or leaving a room
*Has a weird obsession with dissecting things

PERSONALITY: On the surface, Stein is simply a mad scientist, but that's only part of who he really is. Stein is indeed a man of science, so much so that he conducted experiments on his weapon while he was sleeping for five years without the latter knowing. He has an odd, teasing sense of humor usually in scaring people or someone getting hurt in expense. He's described as a sadistic man to those who know him, which is completely true. He is fascinated with blood to an almost unhealthy level. Stein often states that he does have more madness in himself than he lets onto. Though he keeps it under control, it wouldn't take too much to push it out into the open. Beneath even that is Stein at the core. He finds he cannot share deep emotions like Spirit such as love and overwhelming sadness, though to an extent he would like to know how they did feel, it's like he never lets his emotions get that far. But Stein does have a kind heart, genuinely caring for people who have come to know him, and taking on a paternal figure to his students. He's a complicated person that is hard to read unless you know what to look for, and has many sides of him many do not know.

"In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

HISTORY: Not that much is known about Stein before he entered the academy. It's presumed he is an orphan, as he's never spoken of his parents. Stein was a rather troubled child who, even at a young age, loved to torture students and conduct experiments. At that point in his life his madness was more prominent, and he was often reprimanded by his weapon, Spirit who found it was his job to look after him. After about five years of being Spirit's partner, his weapon left with Kami, and he was alone. This changed Stein to more of a naturally level-headed man. But, he did miss his old friend, and found he had no other people that could put up with him. After graduating, he continued his life of solitude up until he was told to be the new teacher of Shibushen and, of course, give a remedial lesson.

Quote :

It was quiet in Stein's laboratory, any sound at all came from the light, those very annoying buzzing lights above him. He had most of them shut off, save for the ones around the computer and stacks of new student files. The silver-haired scientist took a drag of his cigarette, leaning back in his rolling chair, olive eyes wandering around the pages of a certain file he had picked up of one of his more stubborn student. Yet he couldn't help but think this boy was very similar in sight to another rather quiet boy. He sighed, hearing his watch beep a few times. Now where had the time gone? He kicked away from his desk, falling onto his bedroom floor with a 'thump', rubbing his temples. This was an idea for another day, one where he wasn't so tired. He had a whole day of teaching tomorrow, and he still had that endangered bird to dissect.

"Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?"

OOC Info~
Name/Alias: Shelby still
Nickname: America
Contact: AIM: APHAlfredJones
Chatango: Othermod
Where'd you find us?: You know where |D

Now...who's awesome~?: Fritzi still!

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Stein App (Complete) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Stein App (Complete)   Stein App (Complete) EmptySun May 01, 2011 8:58 am


I cannot tell you how happy I am that we're going to have a Stein now~ ouo He's one of my favorite characters ever and I think that you'll be great at playing him. I'd write a bit more usually but I'mverytriedatthemomentso...

Anyway, have fun playing a twisted doctor! /shot
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Stein App (Complete)
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