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 Mathias Densen // Denmark! App

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Mathias Densen

Mathias Densen

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PostSubject: Mathias Densen // Denmark! App   Mathias Densen // Denmark! App EmptySun May 01, 2011 12:32 pm

We are now Honoured to Introduce:
Mathias Densen

Mathias Densen // Denmark! App 5404918_m

“Living isn’t enough. Ya gotta have a bit a sunshine, freedom and a mug a beer while you’re at it!”

FULL NAME: Mathias Densen
NICKNAMES: Math, Den or Denny if he really likes you. Anything else like 'Mathi' makes him seriously cringe and might just earn you a smack.
AGE: 18
GENDER: 100% Man Male
OCCUPATION: Shibusen Student/ 12th Grade/ Works part time at Deathbucks
ABILITIES: As a weapon Mathias can turn into a large double axe, slicing and dicing through most substances and metals. When in weapon form the blades of the axe can encrust themselves in rock hard ice causing more damage though it takes up a lot of Mathias’ energy and doesn‘t always work according to plan.
If Mathias were to fight on his own his right hand can quickly transform into an axe head, ready to chop away at anyone who dares to threaten him!

ALLEGIANCE: The Gain Army? As if I’d ever side with something so lowly compared to myself, and leaving me out of the action? No way that’d ever happen as long as I have a say in things! I side with Shibusen!

"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness."

APPEARANCE: One of Mathias’ most striking features is his wild blonde hair that always seems to stick out at awkward angles. Mathias himself doesn’t mind, he feels that it compliments him in way though it’s a total bitch when he does want to keep it somewhat tame. Another feature of his worth noting are his bright blue eyes full of youthful energy, stubbornness and the occasional hint of curiosity. Standing at about 5’10 Mathias is the second tallest in his family. He has a few scars on his back and around his shoulders from getting into a lot fights when he was younger.

Mathias’ attire is fairly simple, wearing the colours the red and black most frequently like a long black coat, black tie and a red shirt underneath. When it’s much too warm for his liking outside he’ll usually just wear a plain red shirt and trousers with maybe a tie if he feels like it.

+Being the centre of attention!
+Red and Black! His wardrobe speaks for itself.
+Baking. He doesn’t bring this up a lot but he’s utterly in love with baking. Ask him to bake you anything and he’ll gladly do it.
+Oversized weapons. Not only axes like himself though, large maces and hammers are cool too.
+Doodling. Mathias isn't the best at drawing and certainly isn’t an artist or anything but he does love to doodle bits and bobs every now and again. Especially during class.
+His Hair. Gorgeous isn’t it?
+Alcohol. Specifically beer but he’ll drink almost anything he can get his hands. Shhh~ Don’t tell anyone.
+A certain Norwegian.
-Poking, touching and the like without warning. He may not respect your own personal space but he doesn’t like it when people invade his. Oddly enough, he loves hugs even by surprise. But then again, who doesn’t love hugs?
-Those who get stressed out to much. Seriously, relax.
-Technology. He honestly doesn’t get it at all.
-People who judge others too quickly!
-Nature. The ocean ain’t too bad though.
-When people don’t defend themselves. Man up.
-Being ignored.
-Not being good enough. As in having his friends die in front of his own eyes and not being able to do anything about it due to his own flaws.
-Enclosed spaces. At first he’s just uncomfortable but if kept in one for some period of time he starts getting really anxious.
+He has a habit of introducing himself as the King of the North or Northern Europe. No reason really, he just like the way it sound and it fits him doesn’t it?
+He will likely have resorted to violence at the end of any argument.
+Mathias can hold down his liquor very well and never to gets tipsy at all despite his age.
+His hands are noticeably rougher than most peoples, accidents with axe blades and frost have played the parts in it.

Mathias is not afraid to say what is on his mind, often forgetting about the feelings of others around him. Despite this, his own feelings can get hurt very easily. When those feelings do get hurt he will be moody, uncooperative and sulk for the whole day until he gets some form of apology where he will feel great about himself or completely forget about the whole thing altogether. Also, Mathias is very stubborn. He will try to get his own way/view/point through no matter the circumstance. He is overconfident with his thoughts and thinks that they will work no matter how farfetched.

Mathias is a generally happy, carefree guy despite the situation at hand. He loves to laugh though even the slightest of things can tick him off when he’s in a bad mood. Even just looking at him funny or getting in his way will set him off faster than you can say ‘Mathias’. Best thing to do when he’s like this would be to just walk away unless you want a blade millimetres away from your neck. Don’t mind this too much though, he’ll most likely cool off after a breath of fresh air or two.

Being one of the biggest airheads you will ever meet once you get to know him, he is unable to read the atmosphere. When he finally gets the hint of what’s going on he will mumble an ‘oh’ then maybe loudly crack a quick joke to make it less awkward for himself.
It seems hard to make him feel bad about himself, taking insults and lectures about his behaviour as a bit of a joke, as if what they’re saying isn’t so and like every negative sentence is a straight out lie but really, it’s hard for the Dane to take any form of criticism. He hates being compared to other people, especially his family.

Mathias thinks of himself as many things. “Amazing, a joker, the big brother…” amongst many other things. If he has taken a liking to you (which he most likely will!)) he will be “looking out for you” and giving you half-thought through advice when he feels the need to. Even if he doesn’t know you he will come to your defense, feeling awful afterwards if he didn’t give you any advice on how to defend yourself.

When motivated enough and if the subject interests him Mathias can be hardworking at school and lately he’s been more and more focused on training due to the threat of the Gaian Army. He just has to be the best out there! However, that doesn’t stop him from being easily distracted and prone to drifting off during both class and work.

"In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."


Mathias doesn’t like thinking about his past a lot. It’s not that it was full sad or sorrow but quite the opposite, in fact he could admit that his childhood spent in Denmark were some of the best years of his life. His mother, Ida Densen was an amazing women in his eyes, she managed to take care of the energetic child on her own while his father was away to God knows where. She worked hard at her job as waitress at a local restaurant, taking up as many hours as she could to keep a roof over their heads yet still having plenty time for her son. Sunny afternoons in the park, trips to the beach with his Mum and playing football with his friends; those were and still are fond memories of the Dane.

Mathias parents were separated, he inherited his mother’s bright blue eyes and his father’s blond hair. He doesn’t remember a lot about his father except for the fact that when he did come home to visit him and his mother every couple of years he wouldn’t stay for very long. A weak hello as he tried to remember Mathias’ name, a pat on the head as he came through the door and maybe a sweet for him to eat would be their exchange but that was basically it.

When he did visit he would always compare Mathias to the other members of the family scattered around Europe. Like how he wasn’t as tall as one, he wasn’t as smart as this child, he wasn’t as strong as another and so on. He dealt with this with a nod, not really sure how to reply since this man was after all his Father. He didn’t like it at all and as he grew he’d hate it even more but hey, that was life.

Even more time passed and by then Ida was working at a bakery in town which Mathias liked to help out at during the weekends, he develops a love for baking with his Mother and on his own through this but times get tough and the bakery closes down soon after. There was little work left where they lived so thinking hastily, Ida packed their things and moved them over to Death City, Nevada where Mathias now lives on his own by choice and attends at Shibusen where he’s usually known as that guy who always has a grin on his face.

Quote :

Mathias, the usually energetic blond was completely worn-out after a long day of training at Shibusen. He was finally getting the hang of using his ice ability while in weapon form but in the process had the tips of his fingers unfortunately covered in frostnip burns which itched unbearably. Mathias was fine though, at least he thought to himself as he cupped his hands together to try and warm up his fingers.

While training, a student passing by had noticed these burns and advised him to go the dispensary, but being the stubborn person he is he tired to convince the person that he was fine. He didn’t need any help at all, he could do this on his own. Experiences from the past had taught him how to deal with frosting on his own, but from time to time he just couldn’t treat the frost fast enough. The smart thing to have done would be to have taken the other students advice and actually get his fingers treated straight away, but he was so sure that he could get home fast enough, absolutely positive.

He wasn’t.

Now he regretted those words and his ignorance as he made his way home through the alleyways of Death City. There was shortcut through here Mathias knew of so he had taken many sharp turns before being lead to a street where a couple of apartments were situated. Spotting his home, he moved towards it and with his good hand, Mathias let himself in through the door. He stumbled into the small kitchen and set his things down, proceeding to warm up some water for his fingers.

While waiting for the kettle to finish boiling he glanced over at the calendar on the wall. Mathias cursed at realization, he was sure that he had a day off tomorrow. At this point the Dane wasn't sure when he was sure anymore.

Work was going to be hell tomorrow.

"Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?"

OOC Info~
Name/Alias: Alli
Nickname: Dan/Danno~
Contact: Don‘t really check it too often but here: wieareyou@yahoo.com
Chatango: Wiedanno
Where'd you find us?: LJ Hetalia Comm

Now...who's awesome~?: Fritzi Beilschmidt~
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Fritzi Beilschmidt

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PostSubject: Re: Mathias Densen // Denmark! App   Mathias Densen // Denmark! App EmptyMon May 02, 2011 8:00 pm

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Mathias Densen // Denmark! App
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