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 Soran Erikson || Norway

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PostSubject: Soran Erikson || Norway   Soran Erikson || Norway EmptySat May 07, 2011 10:22 pm

(I apologize if my application is crappy! XC Thank you for reading, though~
If any changes are need, please let me know. Thank you again!)

We are now Honored to Introduce:

Soran Erikson || Norway Dr9nvb

"Dumbass Dane..."

FULL NAME: Willian Soran Eriksen
NICKNAMES: (Introduces self as) Soran; (Responds negatively to) Willi
AGE: 18 years
GENDER: /checks Male
OCCUPATION: Shibusen Student
ABILITIES: Soran is able to deliver strong wavelengths to his feet and render kicks to enemies and annoyances many times stronger than normal. With this, he is also to jump to rather frightening heights directly upwards.

Soran is also quite handy with any form of a two-handed weapon, though favors staff-shaped weapons over others. He is, however, terrible with any sort of projectile weapon to the point as having no clue from which end is the projectile shot from.

Is this a trick question?...Shibusen, perhaps...Were you expecting a longer answer?

"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness."

Soran stands at 5" 4.5" tops, which makes him shorter than most of the people he hangs out with. He is usually seen wearing some variation of a blue shirt with a black tie, a pair of white pants, and wears black dress shoes on a daily routine. His hair is a rather dark shade of bleached blonde, and it's all natural; it's really short in the back, though there is this mysterious detached haircurl on the back near the neck. Soran's bangs are long enough to cover up his rather light purple eyes, so he clips up the left side with a cross-shaped barrette, a rather "girlish" gift from a friend.

[♥] Family & Relatives
[♥] Organization
[♥] Reading books
[♥] Anything with caffeine
[♥] Peace & Quiet
[♥] Spare time
[♥] A certain Dane
[♦] A certain Dane!
[♦] Strangers
[♦] Tardiness
[♦] RPDA (Random Public Displays of Affection
(Mostly just hugs of any sort from other people)
[♦] Idiots
[♦] Being labeled as a loser
Hasn't lost any game....yet.
[♣] Any sort of scary movies
[♣] The thought of being "useless"
[♠] Wears glasses sometimes to make himself look "intellectual"
[♠] Speaks in a monotonous voice on a normal basis.
[♠] Messing with his floating haircurl

At first glance at the Norwegian, Soran is normally seen with a terribly stoic face as he gives off little to none facial expression; when he looks at something or someone, he usually blankly stares. His voice also matches his outer facial expressions, speaking in a monotonous voice. Even from a serious situation from a very comical one, Soran just speaks with almost no emotion, unless he has become terribly annoying at what is happening around him. Soran, with his short temper, can easily be ticked off to the the point where he would just resolve the situation at hand by kicking annoying idiots senseless, aiming either for the stomach or face for more of a "comical" effect for anyone passing by.

"In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

It was quite a while after Soran and his brother had been born that their parents had separated and Soran's father had taken Soran off to live in Norway and away from his now estranged mother. It had happened during one of Soran's early years, much too early for the young Norwegian boy then to have much memory of his own mother and brother. It hasn't bothered Soran much, as there were more important things to worry about in life, but he has wondered if there was going to be a time when he would be able to reunite with a long lost sibling of his.

His father, having been making a living by being a general goods store manager, had been able to give a rather normal life for Soran; he had gone to public school, having made his group of friends and enemies there. However, his public school years ended as he had found himself an invitation to Death City, an invitation to enroll in DWMA for his "special talents", which his father had allowed and insisted Soran to go.
It was here that he had make an acquaintance with a rather bothersome person, though Soran has sometimes wished he didn't; the other should just learn how to shut up some time soon.

Quote :

It's always an everyday occurrence, unfortunately for Soran. There's always some sort of fight that happens in the hallways of Shibusen between students; perhaps someone had just accidentally pumped into another and it escalated from there. Who knows how these things happen, but everyone knows how the fight had ended and who was the victor.

In Soran's case, however, he knew how he had ticked off that rather large and dimwitted-looking fellow. It really was an "accident" when Soran interrupted his oaf's bullying of a smaller student by kicking him gently in the side and nearly landing the idiot into a rather large trashcan. The moron was instantly onto the Norwegian's case, while it's last victim scuffled into the ring of onlookers and disappeared into the masses.

The brute had decided to either speak in some random, unknown language or something was wrong with his tongue to form even the most simple sentences, as Soran stared blankly back at him, when the other suddenly changed his right arm into a really large metal mace and was charging at Soran with a rather angry look.

"You really should learn to pick better fights," Soran remarked with distaste as he easily dodged the attack, "As I'm not that easy to be defeated," The other clearly did not head to Soran's warning as when the idiot turned around, Soran kicked him squarely below the chin and sent in flying into the crowd of observers. The Norwegian, of course, had no interest to watch the end result of the loser's condition as he placed on his glasses. Some students had gone away somewhere, probably went off to fetch the nurse from the infirmiry as Soran slowly continued on his way, cutting through the crowd of people.

"The stupid fool just had to disturb my peaceful walk," Soran muttered to himself, "Now, I'm exactly 2.4 minutes late for my scheduled appointment," After making a quick glance at the nearest wall clock, the Norwegian continued to murmur darkly under his breath as walked towards the direction of the school's library.

"Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?"

OOC Info~
Name/Alias: Leia
Nickname: Whatever you can think of! XD
Contact: PMs is best way to communicate with me
Chatango: Hurhur...I should make one.
Where'd you find us?: Main comm

Now...who's awesome~?: Canada! Fritzi Beilschmidt
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Soran Erikson || Norway Empty
PostSubject: Re: Soran Erikson || Norway   Soran Erikson || Norway EmptySun May 08, 2011 9:32 am

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Soran Erikson || Norway
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