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 Alice Kirkland/femEngland (Now with +10% Pirate-ness!)

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Alice Kirkland

Alice Kirkland

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Alice Kirkland/femEngland (Now with +10% Pirate-ness!) Empty
PostSubject: Alice Kirkland/femEngland (Now with +10% Pirate-ness!)   Alice Kirkland/femEngland (Now with +10% Pirate-ness!) EmptySun May 08, 2011 10:12 pm

We are now Honored to Introduce:

Alice Kirkland/femEngland (Now with +10% Pirate-ness!) 329186

"Why don't you just shut up before I curse you?"

FULL NAME: Alice Kirkland
NICKNAMES: Pirate Witch, Pirate Queen
AGE: 18 (Though when asked, she'll lie just to mess with your head)
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Assassin, Rouge (or Pirate, as she likes to call herself.)
WHAT ARE THEY?: 150% Witch
ABILITIES: Alice's magic focuses more on necromancy and ghosts/spirits. Her magical strength increases when she's in an area where there are many spirits or if many people have died here, like a former(or current) battlefield or a cemetery. She can do straightforward, offensive spells, but she's better at controlling corpses (the fresher, the better.) She can phase through walls and other objects, along with turning invisible for short periods of time. Alice also has mediumship, meaning that she can speak to the dead.

ALLEGIANCE: Hah! Don't try to be funny, git. Alice Kirkland only works for someone when they offer a good amount of loot. And otherwise, I'd only work for my own advantage.

"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness."

Alice's appearance at a glance doesn't really stand out all that much- she's around average height, has long, blonde hair in pigtails which go down to her waist and green eyes. If anything really stood out about her was her larger than normal (and this is an understatement) eyebrows, which she's a bit sensitive about. She has several tattoos and piercings, but what she wears is often what makes her truly stand out. Her apparel has a bit of a pirate theme, with a coat suited for a pirate captain, old style boots, shorts, a black buckle belt, and a bandana tied to her forehead. It certainly turns attention to her whenever she's around civilians.

-Tea: She always drinks at least 4 cups a day. And that's the minimum.
-Reading: You'll often find her with a book, usually an English classic or a spell book.
-Punk/Rock music: She finds this genre of music to be the most soothing, and most inspiring.
-Embroidery: She doesn't like to show this side of herself, but she's very good at embroidery and whatnot.
-Cooking: What do you mean it doesn't taste good? Of course it does!
-Pirates: If there were any pirates in a book, they were probably Alice's favorite characters. She's not sure why she likes them so much. They just... appeal to her.

-Anything French: Alice can't understand how anyone could see anything associated with the French being "romantic" or "classy." The thought of it disgusts her.
-Idiocy: One of the things Alice has zero tolerance of.
-Americans: For the most part, they're fat and obnoxious. What's to like about that?
-Cold weather:Well, have you seen anyone who likes cold weather?
-Rain: If you had to deal with the incessant rain in Britain, you would hate it too.
-Arrogant people: If Alice ever sees one of these people, she'll make sure that they suffer, especially if they tried to mess with her.
-When people say her cooking sucks: It does not taste awful! Their palettes are not refined enough to enjoy the scones!
-High-tech stuff: A lot of the high-tech gadgets people use nowadays baffle her, and she's completely inept at them besides maybe computers and phones. Besides, witches aren't made to be tech-savvy.

-Being killed just so that some stupid weapon can become a Death Scythe.
-Getting weaker

-She has a big magic circle tattoo which covers most of her back. She believes it augments her magic.
-Alice has several piercings: normal ear piercings along with some on her earlobes and on her lip.


Alice Kirkland, aka the Pirate Witch, fits a lot of witch stereotypes. She's destructive, sadistic, and her only allegiance is to herself and anyone who would benefit her the most. Most of the time, she doesn't bother using Soul Protect just so that those amateur meisters and weapons would automatically turn their attention to her and challenge her only to be beaten. She often acts arrogant to her opponents just to make them angrier and therefore more easily manipulated in battle.

When she's not in any sort of fighting situation, however, she can seem quite a bit different. When in disguise under Soul Protect, Alice tries her best to act like a proper English lady in her mannerisms. Nobody suspects the cultured gentlelady with almost Victorian Era etiquette.

As hard as she may try to act like a proper lady, Alice has a temper as short as a fuse. She has a tendency to blush when she gets the least bit angry or embarrassed and has a very sharp tongue to accompany it. Because of her witch background, she won't hold back when it comes to insults, no matter how friendly you try to be with her.

She's pretty loyal to her friends (at least for a witch,) and would defend them if they were in trouble despite her claims that she will only do something for her own advantage. And once she goes to do something, she will be persistent until she gets her desired results. She may look like she's running away from something at times, but it's usually part of a bigger plan in which she'll ultimately win.

"In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

Alice had always known that there was something... odd about her. She never knew her parents (though she suspects that they were witches too) since her earliest memories were in an orphanage in England. She had rarely gotten along with the other children and would get in fights often. At first, the staff thought that Alice was antisocial or something. It turned out to be a whole lot worse when Alice first used magic at the age of 9- she was having a fight with a girl around her age and Alice got so angry that she almost destroyed the whole orphanage with magic. She ran away and went into hiding after this, of course, surviving through stolen goods in the streets of London.

Alice would go to the library and research all day, trying to figure out how she's able to use magic and other spells she could use to improve her skills. She even went to the point of breaking into the houses of others and scavenging through their personal library. She found out about witches from all this, along with shinigamis, meisters, weapons, and all that jazz. Alice decided then to move to Death City since many witches lived around that area despite the risk of being hunted down by meisters and their weapons.

Quote :

/taken from a superpower gakuen RP, where Alice has Light/Dark Magic and Mediumship)

Whoever managed to persuade the world that Shakespeare should be revered as the literary giant of human history (and also a god of words) should be brought back to life just so that he can be staked. Well, the guy wasn't wrong to say that the man was a literary genius- he was. It's just that people have basically started to worship him as a fucking god! And Shakespeare is anything but a god.

"What kind of girl are you, to have piercings on your lip? It looks savage!" The ghost of the oh-so-revered Bard said. Alice twitched with irritation. No Alice, control yourself. This is the ghost of the most important literary figure of all time, the person she has always respected all her life. She had almost worshiped his plays, comedies and tragedies, "Even if you aren't from a noble family, a young woman like you should be cautious of her appearance! Maybe we should do something with those eyebrows-"

She snapped.

"WILL YOU SHUT UP YOU MANKY GIT?" She nearly exploded, "THERE ISN'T ANYTHING WRONG WITH THESE BLOODY EYEBROWS!" She tried to grip the ghost by the collar, but her hand only passed through the specter so she pulled back.

"Well, excuse me, but I'm not the trollop in this room." He replied in a cranky tone, "I've been observing people these past 400 years and it's girls like you who end up selling themselves off to some drunkards."

"Don't you dare fucking talk to me like that when I could've used my time for much better purposes!"

"Like what? Bonding with New World cannibals? Get stoned? Auction yourself off for some cheap price?" Alice was now steaming with anger. She started to write a spell in the air with her finger, light-green light glowing from where her finger went. Her hand shook in the process since she was that furious.

"I'm no bloody whore or cannibal and you'll goddamn remember that if that's the last thing I do." Her face was beet red, which only made her green eyes stand out more as they glared at the ghost. She finished writing down the spell and snapped her fingers. The shadows around the ghost started to swirl and trap the Bard's spirit.

"Wh-what in the world are you doing?" He demanded rather than asked. Alice ignored what he said and flicked him off instead. Shakespeare's ghost continued to protest as he started to sink into the shadows.

"Ha!" Alice shouted, her eyes glinted with a mix of accomplishment and sadism, "That'll show you what happens when you mess with Alice Kirkland, you git!"

A shame that Shakespeare turned out to be such a jerk. Oh well, Alice still had Milton (and he's actually pretty well-mannered.) Then as the shadows were finishing their afternoon snack, Alice walked off to the kitchen. Oh look, it's tea time.

"Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?"

OOC Info~
Name/Alias: Solstice
Nickname: Eh, I don't care.
Contact: PM
Chatango: BritanniaWitch
Where'd you find us?: Your dear Fritzi here for- I mean, persuaded me here >.>

Now...who's awesome~?: Fritzi Beilschmidt (though not as much as me-/shot)
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Fritzi Beilschmidt
Fritzi Beilschmidt

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Alice Kirkland/femEngland (Now with +10% Pirate-ness!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alice Kirkland/femEngland (Now with +10% Pirate-ness!)   Alice Kirkland/femEngland (Now with +10% Pirate-ness!) EmptyFri May 13, 2011 2:45 pm


Yay for Pirate!Igiko~ ouo
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Alice Kirkland/femEngland (Now with +10% Pirate-ness!)
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