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 Manor of Fate [Heta-Oni based RP]

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Manor of Fate [Heta-Oni based RP] Empty
PostSubject: Manor of Fate [Heta-Oni based RP]   Manor of Fate [Heta-Oni based RP] EmptyMon May 30, 2011 2:16 pm

It all started as a game...

In the mountain range beyond the World Summit building stands an abandoned manor hidden by a thick forest. According to rumours, it was abandoned years ago after a series of brutal murders during the 1800's. The name "Himuro" hangs by rusted screws on a faded plate below a knocker that has almost fallen off completely. Legend states that after the murders took place, the building was taken over by the ghosts of the fallen and quickly infested with demons.

It was supposed to be fun...

The year is now 2013. To celebrate Halloween, the nations gathered together before the Haunted Mansion in order to play a simple game of courage. Organizing themselves into teams, they went inside and split up. The goal of the game: scare the other teams out of the manor and the last team inside wins.

Friendly competition...

Upon entering the building, the eerily well-kept interior made some of the nations worry. Contrary to the broken and rotting exterior of the building, everything on the inside is clean and well-kept. The plumping works, the lights turn on and off, and the kitchen has food in it. Almost as if maids were still at work and someone lived inside.

When we went inside...

Shortly after the game started, the power went out and screams filled the manor. When the lights came back, the teams found themselves in separate parts of the building. The team "leaders" awoke with cameras in their hands that didn't seem to function normally. Outside the doors, things were heard moving about in the hallways: footsteps when no one was there, and growling from creatures that could not be seen.

We never expected...

What started off as a game quickly turns into a fight for survival. The doors are locked, the windows won't open, and the creatures are out. Now the nations must find a way to kill the demons and escape before they become the next spirits to join the legend.

We might not make make it out...


Throughout the manor time is heavily distorted. An hour in one room might end up being a day or even a week in another. There is no internet and cellular reception is spotty. Watches seem to automatically change with the flow of time in the room, so pay attention and hope you've got a digital one with the date. What might be six in the morning in one room could be eight in the evening in another--the only room where time flows normally like that of the real world is a hidden room on the second floor.

With the confusion of the manor comes stress and strain on the body. Fake memories can be implanted in the mind by demons if you're not careful, or one of the creatures that reside within the manor might attempt to possess your body. Pay attention to your teammates and make sure that you keep everyone close because once someone is lost, you'll have to keep running or you'll join them shortly after.

In this house, it doesn't matter if you're human or nation. Nothing is like the real world here--it's survival of the fittest; a game of courage that no one can manage alone...


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Manor of Fate [Heta-Oni based RP]
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