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 Fritzi the Great~ (fem!Prussia)

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Fritzi Beilschmidt
Fritzi Beilschmidt

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Fritzi the Great~ (fem!Prussia) Empty
PostSubject: Fritzi the Great~ (fem!Prussia)   Fritzi the Great~ (fem!Prussia) EmptySun Feb 20, 2011 10:59 am

We are now Honored to Introduce:
Fritzi Beilschmidt

Fritzi the Great~ (fem!Prussia) 7549518-big2

"Pfft- There's no such thing as good or bad, dumbass. And what I say is always right."

FULL NAME:Fritzi Beilschmidt
NICKNAMES: Fritz, Fritzi the Great
AGE: 17
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Shibusen student- 11th grade
ABILITIES: Fritzi can turn into an electric guitar which can attack through sonic booms and also grow spikes/shoot spike missiles. When fighting independently, she can grow spikes out of her arms and can use it to slam people or shoot them.

Another special ability she has, which is unique to herself, is that the sound waves she make can affect other people's wavelengths. Because of this, music also affect her wavelength and she's more susceptible to wavelength-based attacks.

ALLEGIANCE: Pfft-! I don't really need an allegiance for anything! Right now I'm only allied with Shibusen and those witches just because I want to get my rightful place as the best in there first! It's not that I feel insecure or anything... of course not! Fritzi the Great is never insecure...

"No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture of madness."

Probably the most striking physical feature of Fritzi is that she's an albino. Her skin's extremely pale, she has hair as white as snow or really old people, and red eyes. This condition makes her sensitive to light, but she takes pride in how it makes her stand out. She almost always wears black just to make her albino features stand out even more, and you'll never find her without gloves, since her hands still have many scars from the year she was kidnapped.

+Rock/Heavy Metal: She doesn't get any seizures from this type of music, and likes it a lot.
+Cute things: Who doesn't like adorable things~?
+Competition: Fritzi's a competitive girl and doesn't hold back.
+Birds: She loves how they can just fly away and are just free.
+Cleaning: She always keeps her room clean and sometimes cleans other people's areas... for a price~
+Piano: She's pretty good at it, but with her epilepsy, she rarely plays anymore and doesn't play any classical pieces. She still enjoys it though, despite it being associated with classical music all the time
+Technology: She can keep all her diaries in a simple laptop and loves to blog, and she always has an iPod around just in case if there's any classical music being played where she can't leave, so she can drown out the sound.
-Bright light: Her skins burns easily and she can get temporarily blinded by a flash of light, so she always has sunglasses handy.
-Looking weak: Fritzi's no stereotypical weak lady that faints at a sight of a rat!
-Being seen as a cute little damsel in distress
-Blindfolds: It makes her powerless for the most part.
-Pills: She avoids them at all costs, being paranoid of their possible side effects.
-Cold weather: It reminds her of the year she was kidnapped by some Russian
-Being compared to her siblings: Because she's obviously better than Gilbert, and she doesn't like to be questioned.
-People who mess with her family
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Fritzi has musicogenic epilepsy which causes her to have seizures whenever she hears a couple measures of classical music, especially those of the Romantic Era(Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, etc.) but she's fine with any other type of music.
EYES: Or, to be more specific, Fritzi's afraid of anything happening to her eyes: becoming blind, being blindfolded, losing an eye, etc. They're vital for her and she's useless without her sight.
RUSSIANS: When Fritzi was young, she was kidnapped by a family of Russians for about a year and it was the worst time of her life, almost having gone insane during that time. Anything that reminds her of Russia also terrifies her.
Fritzi, like her brother, has little chicks following her everywhere, named after the Prussian royalty.
NEVER pat her on the head or tug at her hair. Your might end up without a hand.
So, you want to know about Fritzi the Great, do ya? Congrats, it's one of the best things you could do with your time. Well, it's like a thousand times better than looking through anyone else's stuff. Pfft, how boring would that be?

As you can see, Fritzi is well aware of her grandness and superiority over everyone else. It would be a shame if she didn't, since the world would be really boring, like classical music. Yeah, classical music is awful, really really awful. It's so bad that it gives Fritzi the Great seizures. Pretty lame, but that's because old music like that is a lot lamer and doesn't deserve attention from her ears. She doesn't even call it music, just shitty sound. Bands like Megaherz and Rammstein deserve to be called music. This won't happen with any other genre of music, so don't go trying to give Fritzi a seizure by playing some random song or she will pwn you harder than Chuck Norris with an army of ninjas. In other words, just don't get her mad. You'll regret it when you end up waking up in a hospital.

But Fritzi the Great is pretty benevolent for the likes of you, so there won't be casualties every day, since she has more self-control than her twin brother. Not that it makes her less awesome, she's just better at moderating it for people so their minds won't go numb (though that would help if she tries to attack you.) Don't expect her to be anything but blunt, though. If she hates something, it's easy to tell.

She does care for people, but doesn't show it most of the time... Not because she doesn't know how, of course! It's just that most of the time it's not awesome to show it! Yeah, that's right.

Other than that, Fritzi is a bit of a prankster, always getting into trouble one way or another (often by abusing her powers) and loves to mess up any event for the fun of it. You won't ever see her being shy (because that's just not awesome) and if one of her friends is too shy to do something, she's almost always willing to do it for them. You'll never get bored around her for more than a moment- you might regret it though, since she can act pretty perverted and all- and always tries to be the life of the party.

Yes, Fritzi does have a serious side, almost as serious as Ludwig, but often times decides not to show it, thinking that it would make her look boring or even normal, ugh. She likes to keep things clean and orderly for the most part, and if you try to mess her room up the tiniest bit you'll find yourself in the hospital or stuck in a closet upside down and gagged (and she's done this several times before.)

Ask her if she thinks she'll end up as a hero or villain and she'll tell you there's no difference. Everything to her is evil to some point- including herself- and it's just a matter of who's stronger to say what's good and what's bad. And since Fritzi's (always) better, there's no black and white, it's all black. It just happened that some types of black are just more awesome because she said so.

"In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you."

Fritzi was a daughter of an aristocratic family whose bloodline went back to some Prussian royalty (which often got into her head.) Her early life was like one of a spoiled child- she got almost everything she wanted, and boy was that a lot. She always had fights with Gilbert, her twin brother, which made her a competitive and tomboyish girl.

When she was 12, Fritzi had been walking home from school when she was knocked unconscious from behind and found herself a captive in a Russian household where she wasn't able to go anywhere outside a room, was often times blindfolded, was barely fed enough food and water, and was tortured for almost a year. One day, she just snapped and spikes protruded from her arms and was able to escape.

When Fritzi had been able to return home after a year, she found out that her dad died in a car accident and her mom had become a bit... unstable because of that (there were suspicions that the car crash was a plotted murder.) At first, Fritzi tried to help her mom but soon gave up and when she found out about Shibusen, she jumped onto the first plane to Nevada, seeking a new, exciting life and a chance to become stronger.

(from a superpower AU where one of her powers is Latent Abilities)
Quote :

It's cold. Cold and dark and wet in the room or hallway or whatever place that Fritzi was trapped in. She has been stuck here and powerless for almost a year- blindfolded and hands tied behind her back for the majority of the time. She doesn't move her arms anymore, and the numbness has become normal. The irritation of the rope against her raw wrists hasn't, however, and she winced every time she has to readjust her position.

There's a creaking sound. It's slow and it makes Fritzi shiver involuntarily. The door was opening and since there was no desperate calling of her name, it had to be him. The kidnapper.

"Time to play, little kitty~" a hand pats her head and her breath quickens. She wants- no, needs to get away but her body remains frozen, with only her breath quickening. It becomes quiet for a moment, too quiet with only the occasional drop of water from the ceiling providing any disturbance.

Then there was the crack of a whip. The whip. Fritzi bites her lip when the whip smacks her leg, which is apparently the new victim to the kidnapper's abuse. A scream accompanies the second lashing, along with the third and fourth.

"What's wrong, little kitty? Are you still too spoiled for your generous play-date?" Tears rolled down Fritzi's eyes. No, not again. Not the mind games and lashings and chokings and the laughing. She thinks she hears that dreaded jingling right now. No. No, no more of this. She wanted to run, crawl, even roll away from here. Anything, anything to get away. She just wanted it to all disappear, to just go away and return to her home with her brother and mother and father even though the last two are dead and left them without anything except for that empty shell of a house. But that was enough, more than enough.

Another crack of the whip, but this one was different. For afterward, Fritzi could hear something explode. Everything paused and something else exploded on her leg and from the texture, she realized it was the whip.

Then there came an agonizing scream and Fritzi could even see a bit of the scene from her blindfold. The man- the kidnapper, was burning. He was in flames all of a sudden even with the humidity of the room. Some other objects exploded, and some shards of glass cut the rope binding Fritzi's hands.

She's free. She's finally free.

She unties the blindfold, her fingers stumbling on the knot since it had been so long since they could move so freely and she was still in a panicked mood. Fritzi glanced at the man who tortured her- he won't last long- and then runs, stumbling on the ground full of broken pieces of who-know-what and not caring about the randomly exploding items which seemed to follow her.

A little more than a year ago, Fritzi would never had thought that freedom would taste so sweet.

"Suppose you could gain everything in the whole world, and lost your soul. Was it worth it?"

OOC Info~
Name/Alias: Aria
Nickname: Ari, Aerious
Contact: AIM: youhave42newstalkers@gmail.com >8D
Chatango: FritziTheGreat, VodkaBlizzard
Where'd you find us?: ... In my head? >>


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Fritzi Beilschmidt
Fritzi Beilschmidt

Posts : 61
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Fritzi the Great~ (fem!Prussia) Empty
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Accepting myself because I'm awesome like that-/shot
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Fritzi the Great~ (fem!Prussia)
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